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The Robots

Archival Pigment Print : 36*36

Archival Pigment prints are printed on Epson Premium Glossy paper via Epson Stylus Pro II880 printer, using an incredible 270,000 drop of ink per square inch using ultra chrome K3 ink pigments, with 300 DPI. Ready for hanging it is mounted on 6mm white Sintra, with a UV glossy lamination, and a cleated back frame.

Artist Statement

I search for color in the dark -- that is when inspiration is awakened in me. Only then is a new robot is created. Encountering the intense pressure under which I worked, I found myself inspired by more dynamic color and more tactile texture. The robots, vibrant and dynamic, all seem to have a certain desperation. It was that desperation that I worked through everyday. Desperation combined with urban alienation slammed against my driving passion to be free. That is the feeling I strove to capture in the broken limbs, twisting bodies, and chaos of color and form of my paintings. The conflict of human endeavor, angst, frustration, and vulnerability are set against the mercurial technological advances I have lived through.

It’s my calling to record the hysteria around me.

About the Artist

After fleeing the Iranian revolution as a child in the 80s, home was never the same. I have been living in exile for more than 20 years, and Tehran but a city on the map. With exile comes dehumanization, chaos, always searching for meaning and constantly reinventing home. My paintings portray that desperation with chaotic backgrounds, rigid movements, and vibrant colors as a metaphor for the glitz of silicon valley, and fast paced life we live in.

It’s my calling to record the hysteria around me.

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